Trends In Food Packaging 2020


Expert Forecasts for 2020

• Promote rural economic development. Outside the capital, infrastructure is typically poor. Provincial areas commonly lack cheap and stable electricity, a clean and dependable water supply, basic health services, good roads, and schools. As a result, urban populations in many of these nations are growing rapidly as people flock to the cities in hope of better economic opportunities. Consequently, promoting rural economic development is usually a top concern, to reduce rural poverty, soothe discontent, and slow urban migration. These technology applications could also enhance homeland security and public safety. China will fall somewhat below these top seven countries; however, it will lead the group of scientifically proficient nations able to obtain 12 applications, with a high level of S&T capacity and many drivers. Still, because it will also possess numerous barriers, China will have to deal with more challenges to implementation than the group of scientifically advanced nations will. India, Poland, and Russia—the other three scientifically proficient countries—will be somewhat less capable than China of implementing the applications they can acquire. • Use of resources and environmental health: Availability and accessibility of natural resources, concerns about pollution and its impact on humans, and social attitudes and politics about conservation and preserving land and wildlife.