Trends 2020 In Usa


Expert Forecasts for 2020

Scientifically proficient and advanced countries with more power and more money can better afford to make these goals high priorities. Countries’ Capacity to Achieve Science and Technology Goals Because national concerns tend to differ in these ways between countries with various levels of S&T capacity, particular sets of technology applications will be much more important, and their impacts much more dramatic, for certain nations than for others. But if a country were to establish a certain goal as a top priority in 2020 and resolve to address it, how capable would it be of actually implementing the applications that would enable it to do so? We looked at the scientifically lagging, developing, proficient, and advanced nations in our sample and for each one answered that question for the objectives likely to be relevant to countries at its level of S&T capacity. Certain Technology Applications Will Spark Heated Public Debate Several of the top 16 technology applications will raise significant public policy issues that will trigger strong, and sometimes conflicting, reactions and opinions between countries, regions, and ethnic, religious, cultural, and other interest groups. Many of the most controversial applications will involve biotechnology (e.g., GM crops). Others, such as pervasive sensors and certain uses of RFID implants to track and identify people, will potentially have provocative implications for personal privacy and freedom. Yet any controversy that flares up will probably not be the same around the world. A technology application that raises extremely divisive ques-tions in one country may cause no stir at all in another because of different social values. • Cost and financing: The cost of acquiring the technology application and of building the physical infrastructure and human capital to introduce and sustain its use, the mecha-nisms and resources available to access the needed funds, and the costs of those funds. • Tissue engineering: The design and engineering of living tissue for implantation and replacement.