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Expert Forecasts for 2020

• The technological preeminence of the scientifically advanced countries in North America, Western Europe, and Asia Outside the capital, infrastructure is typically poor. Provincial areas commonly lack cheap and stable electricity, a clean and dependable water supply, basic health services, good roads, and schools. As a result, urban populations in many of these nations are growing rapidly as people flock to the cities in hope of better economic opportunities. Consequently, promoting rural economic development is usually a top concern, to reduce rural poverty, soothe discontent, and slow urban migration. In China and India, a significant fraction of the population is rural and impoverished. For these reasons, different countries will vary considerably in their ability to utilize technology applications to solve the problems they confront. To be sure, not all technology applications will require the same level of capacity to acquire and use. But even so, some countries will not be prepared in 15 years to exploit even the least demanding of these applications—even if they can acquire them—whereas other nations will be fully equipped to both obtain and implement the most demanding. • Green manufacturing: Redesigned manufacturing processes that either eliminate or greatly reduce waste streams and the need to use toxic materials.