Expert Forecasts for 2020

• Improve individual health. Countries in the scientifically lagging group tend to be at the bottom of the development ladder. Promoting rural economic development, improving public health, and reducing the use of resources and improving environmental health commonly rank highest on national agendas. In terms of capacity to implement, China consistently has the most, followed by India, and then Poland. In every case, Russia trails, with the least capacity in the group to implement the relevant applications for any of the problem areas. As a whole, these countries have a fairly high capacity to put applications into practice to promote rural economic development and to reduce the use of resources and improve environmental health. Their ability to improve public health will be only slightly less than that. In the first two cases, China approaches the capacity level of several of the scientifically advanced countries, with India not far behind. The scientifically advanced countries of North America, Western Europe, and Asia, along with Australia, are likely to gain the most, as exemplified by their capacity to acquire and implement all the top 16 example technology applications. For whatever problems and issues that rank high on their national agendas, they will be able to put into practice a wide range of applications to help address them. • Privacy concerns: Social values toward privacy in a country and personal preferences about the availability and use of personal data that arise from an individual’s ideological inclina-tions and experience with the privacy issue.