Expert Forecasts for 2020

The 16 top technology applications in our study can all help achieve at least several of the following objectives. In theory, all these goals will be important items on national agendas over the next 15 years: Yet in practical terms, a country will give each of these objectives different priorities, depending on its state of economic and social development, internal politics, and domestic public opinion. Some countries may not even be in a position to pursue some of these goals because they have not yet achieved other, more fundamental, building blocks on which the goals rest. For example, promoting basic rural economic development may be a first step before pursuing international commerce. ment ladder must continually seek to push beyond what they already have. In this way, they can retain an advantage in the world of commerce and continue to improve the quality of life of their populations. economic growth, health, nutrition, education, infrastructure—is their most urgent objective. • Hybrid vehicles: Automobiles available to the mass market with power systems that combine internal combustion and other power sources while recovering energy during braking.