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Expert Forecasts for 2020

Countries in the scientifically lagging group tend to be at the bottom of the development ladder. Promoting rural economic development, improving public health, and reducing the use of resources and improving environmental health commonly rank highest on national agendas. In China and India, a significant fraction of the population is rural and impoverished. Rural wireless communications, rapid bioassays, filters and catalysts, cheap autonomous housing, ubiquitous RFID tagging, and quantum cryptography would help these proficient nations strengthen their military and warfighters. Military command, control, and commu- All the applications that could help reduce the use of resources and improve environmental health would be available to the advanced nations: cheap solar energy, rural wireless communications, GM crops, filters and catalysts, green manufacturing, and hybrid vehicles. Over the next 15 years, certain countries will possess vastly different S&T capacities. They will also vary considerably in the institutional, human, and physical capacity required to develop drivers for implementing technology applications and overcome barriers. Consequently, the global technology revolution will play out quite differently among nations.