Ripped Jeans Trend 2020


Expert Forecasts for 2020

• The significant gap that must be filled before the scientifically lagging nations can even reach the level of proficiency. But just because a country has the capacity to implement a certain technology application does not mean that it will want or need to. With distinct sets of problems and diverse profiles, different countries will continue to have different national priorities through 2020. Because technology applications are designed to perform specific functions, they pertain only to certain problems. Consequently, not all 16 applications will be equally relevant for all countries. • Reduce the use of resources and improve environmental health. For countries in the proficient group that lack clean water, electricity, and good sanitation in certain areas, improving public health is still a first-order concern. Countries at this level can suffer from the same public health issues as countries lower on the development ladder. • Green manufacturing: Redesigned manufacturing processes that either eliminate or greatly reduce waste streams and the need to use toxic materials.