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Expert Forecasts for 2020

Cheap solar energy, rural wireless communications, GM crops, filters and catalysts, green manufacturing, and hybrid vehicles could enable nations in this group to reduce the use of resources and improve environmental health. Again, the benefits would be the same as for the scientifically lagging countries. In addition, green manufacturing would diminish waste streams, allowing energy, water, and land to be used more efficiently; cut down pollutants in the environment; and reduce the burden on local governments of cleaning up polluted areas. As in the scientifically lagging and developing countries, cheap solar energy, rural wireless communications, rapid bioassays, and ubiquitous RFID tagging could promote economic growth and international commerce in the scientifically proficient countries. In addition, these countries will be able to acquire quantum cryptography, which, in providing a means of trans-ferring information in a secure, reliable manner, could further aid economic development. This application would offer attractive benefits to banking and finance organizations, for example. As the global technology revolution proceeds over the next 15 years, it will follow a trajectory with certain defining characteristics. • Infrastructure: Physical infrastructure at a consistent threshold of quality that can be maintained, upgraded, and expanded over time. • Hybrid vehicles: Automobiles available to the mass market with power systems that combine internal combustion and other power sources while recovering energy during braking.