Lipstick Color Trends 2020


Expert Forecasts for 2020

The overall capacity of countries to implement the technology applications they can acquire provides a good general indication of the variation in how technology might change the world through 2020. It offers a comparative perspective on which countries are likely to be able to actually put technological opportunities into practice, which will be the technological powerhouses, which will be the emerging powers, and which will still be saddled with too many obstacles to benefit from the innovations of the next 15 years. It also suggests how much progress, in general, some countries need to make to exploit the technology revolution. The 16 top technology applications in our study can all help achieve at least several of the following objectives. In theory, all these goals will be important items on national agendas over the next 15 years: Scientifically proficient and advanced countries with more power and more money can better afford to make these goals high priorities. We see no indication that the rapid pace of technology development will slow in the next decade and a half. Neither will the trends toward multidisciplinarity and the increasingly integrated nature of technology applications reverse. Indeed, most of the top 16 technology applications for 2020 draw from at least three of the areas addressed in this study—biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials technology, and information technology—and many involve all four. Underlying these trends are global communications (Internet connectivity, scientific conferences, and publications) and instrumentation advances (the development and cross-fertilization of ever more-sensitive and selective instrumentation). • Education and literacy: Levels of general education and literacy adequate to make a population comfortable with technology and able to interface with it, and the availability of sufficiently high-quality postsecondary education and training in the sciences to stock a workforce comfortable with developing, using, and maintaining technology applications.