Health And Wellness Food Trends 2020


Expert Forecasts for 2020

• The large scientific and technological gap between the scientifically developing countries of Latin America, as well as Turkey and South Africa, and the rising technological powers, China and India In many scientifically proficient countries, reducing the use of resources and improving environmental health is also among the most important objectives. Valuable assets such as arable land and fresh water—already scarce—are lost every day to land degradation, industrial pollution, and urban growth. In addition, many of these countries are at a level of development at which their populations are becoming increasingly aware of the high economic and health costs of environmental destruction and pollution. These technology applications could also enhance homeland security and public safety. Pervasive sensors could help manage logistics, determine market demand, and safeguard electronic transactions. Expertise in sensor development and data management would expand a company’s commercial opportunities. The technical or medical expertise to engineer tissue, the capability to manufacture it, or any related intellectual property rights would have the same effect. Wearable computers would open exciting new doors for economic sectors based on computation. We based its assessment on rough qualitative estimates of the size of the market for the application in 2020 and whether or not it raises significant public policy issues. The numbers in parentheses are the number of sectors that the technology can affect, and the designation global (G) or moderated (M) indicates our estimate, based on both the technical foresights and our discussions with RAND regional experts, of whether the application will be diffused globally in 2020 or will be moderated in its diffusion (i.e., restricted by market, business sector, country, or region).