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Expert Forecasts for 2020

Scientifically proficient and advanced countries with more power and more money can better afford to make these goals high priorities. All five of the technology applications these countries have the capacity to acquire— Just as in the lagging and developing countries, cheap solar energy, rural wireless communications, GM crops, filters and catalysts, and cheap autonomous housing could enable those scientifically proficient nations that make it a priority to do so to promote rural economic development. We see no indication that the rapid pace of technology development will slow in the next decade and a half. Neither will the trends toward multidisciplinarity and the increasingly integrated nature of technology applications reverse. Indeed, most of the top 16 technology applications for 2020 draw from at least three of the areas addressed in this study—biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials technology, and information technology—and many involve all four. Underlying these trends are global communications (Internet connectivity, scientific conferences, and publications) and instrumentation advances (the development and cross-fertilization of ever more-sensitive and selective instrumentation). For scientifically lagging and developing countries, implementing technology applications to address problems and issues will not be primarily about technology, or even S&T capacity.