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Expert Forecasts for 2020

Countries at Various Levels of Development Prioritize Strengthening the Military To strengthen homeland security and public safety, advanced countries will be able to acquire rural wireless communications, rapid bioassays, filters and catalysts, targeted drug delivery, cheap autonomous housing, and quantum cryptography. In addition, ubiquitous access to information would facilitate information sharing and increase the ability to track individual’s activities. Pervasive sensors would provide governments with a powerful tool for law enforcement. Together with miniaturized communications devices, wearable computers could enable personnel to send and receive instructions in conflict situations. Rural wireless communications, rapid bioassays, filters and catalysts, cheap autonomous housing, ubiquitous RFID tagging, and quantum cryptography could all help strengthen the military and warfighters. Beyond these, ubiquitous information access could improve combat planning and execution, logistics, and support functions. Pervasive sensors could be implemented in tactical situations to provide updated intelligence and targeting. The increased ability to exchange instructions provided by wearable computers would be a significant advantage in military situations as well. The greater challenge they will face is the lack of institutional, human, and physical capacity,including effective and honest governance. Development results from improvements in economic growth, social equity, health and the environment, public safety and security, and good governance and stability. The countries with the best performance in these indicators of development will most likely have the greatest institutional, human, and physical capacity to implement technology applications. Less-developed countries that hope to benefit from technology applications will have to improve their performance in these development areas to build the requisite institutional, human, and physical capacity. • Cheap autonomous housing: Self-sufficient and affordable housing that provides shelter adaptable to local conditions, as well as energy for heating, cooling, and cooking.