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All five applications could also help these countries use fewer resources and improve environmental health. Cheap solar energy would provide energy without fuel combustion, reducing environmental emissions. Solar energy and cheap autonomous housing might help reduce the indoor air pollution generated by wood- and coal-burning stoves. Less reliance on firewood would promote healthy forests that would help control soil erosion; improve the quality of underground water; reduce sediment flows into rivers; and supply food, medicine, and con-struction materials. Rural wireless communications could help local and national governments monitor resources, environmental conditions, and pollution. GM crops would help conserve the natural resources used for agriculture and eliminate or reduce the magnitude of sources of pollution. Filters and catalysts would help conserve water and reduce waste streams. is taking a tremendous toll. Resources can present another major problem. In many nations at this level of S&T capacity, economic activities are further depleting already scarce natural resources and spoiling the environment. At the same time, energy prices are rising. For these reasons, it is imperative for many of them to use their resources more efficiently and improve the health of the environment. nication could be improved with rural wireless communications. Rapid bioassays would allow military medical personnel to identify weapon-grade pathogens in the environment. Filters and catalysts could be employed in situations involving chemical or biological contaminants. Cheap autonomous housing could provide personnel on the ground with improved living quarters. To improve individual health, the scientifically advanced nations could acquire cheap solar energy, rural wireless communications, GM crops, rapid bioassays, filters and catalysts, targeted drug delivery, cheap autonomous housing, green manufacturing, tissue engineering, and improved diagnostic and surgical methods. In addition, ubiquitous information access would make health information available anywhere and anytime and facilitate information sharing between patients and providers. Tissue engineering would minimize medical com-plications and recurrences by providing new ways of treating wounds, disease, and injuries. • Targeted drug delivery: Drug therapies that preferentially attack specific tumors or pathogens without harming healthy tissues and cells.