Bob Frisuren Trend 2020


Expert Forecasts for 2020

A country will be unlikely to invest in developing and implementing applications that will not help it achieve its most important goals. RFID tagging would enable command centers to track the location and conditions of personnel engaged in operations. Quantum cryptography could safeguard tactical communications. As the global technology revolution proceeds, market forces will moderate and vector its course, its technology applications, and their implementation. Predicting the net effect of these forces is predicting the future—wrought with all the difficulties of such predictions. But current technology trends have substantial momentum behind them and will certainly be the focus of continued R&D, consideration, and debate over the next 15 years. By 2020, countries will be applying many of these technologies in some guise or other and the effects will be significant, changing lives across the globe. • Social values, public opinion, and politics: Religious beliefs, cultural customs, and social mores that affect how a technology application is perceived within a society; compatibility of a new application with dominant public opinions; and the politics and economics underlying debates about an application. • Infrastructure: Physical infrastructure at a consistent threshold of quality that can be maintained, upgraded, and expanded over time.