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Expert Forecasts for 2020

• The enormous scientific and technological gap between the scientifically lagging countries of Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania and the scientifically advanced nations of North America, Western Europe, and Asia • Strengthen homeland security and public safety. Economic growth and international commerce push nations up the development ladder. The scientifically advanced countries of North America, Western Europe, and Asia, along with Australia, are likely to gain the most, as exemplified by their capacity to acquire and implement all the top 16 example technology applications. For whatever problems and issues that rank high on their national agendas, they will be able to put into practice a wide range of applications to help address them. Certain Technology Applications Will Spark Heated Public Debate Several of the top 16 technology applications will raise significant public policy issues that will trigger strong, and sometimes conflicting, reactions and opinions between countries, regions, and ethnic, religious, cultural, and other interest groups. Many of the most controversial applications will involve biotechnology (e.g., GM crops). Others, such as pervasive sensors and certain uses of RFID implants to track and identify people, will potentially have provocative implications for personal privacy and freedom. Yet any controversy that flares up will probably not be the same around the world. A technology application that raises extremely divisive ques-tions in one country may cause no stir at all in another because of different social values.