Special A Hikari And Kei


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The series has received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Katherine Dacey compared the central two characters as "a gender reversed Frank Butler and Annie Oakley", and noted that Kei comes off as "rather sexist". Erin Finnegan disliked the manga, because the secondary characters were poorly developed and she felt the story was misogynistic. Jennifer Dunbar enjoyed the wish-fulfilment of seeing rich kids "getting to do whatever they want" without being conceited about this, but felt the complications in the last volume were boring. Jason Thompson disliked the "action slapstick" of the first two volumes, but felt that even after the two leads became more fleshed out as characters through their romance that the series was "founded on cliches" and felt the rest of the cast was underdeveloped. Allen Moody of THEM Anime Reviews gave a more positive review of series, giving it 4 out of 5 stars and stating that although the first set of episodes focused too much on the Kei/Hikari rivalry, the later episodes were able to develop the characters more and eventually become likable in their own way.