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He dominated his opponents, never losing a single round en route to the final. His quarterfinal match-up with Kazakhstani boxer Yevgeni Zaytsev became the first U. S. –Soviet Olympic bout in the past 12 years. His participation in the final was met with controversy when he lost a 2–3 decision to South Korean fighter Park Si-Hun despite pummeling Park for three rounds, landing 86 punches to Park's 32. Allegedly, Park himself apologized to Jones afterward and the Italian referee Aldo Leoni, while raising the Park's hand, told Jones that he was dumbstruck by the judges' decision, murmuring: "I can't believe they're doing this to you. " One judge shortly thereafter admitted the decision was a mistake and all three judges voting against Jones were eventually suspended. Marv Albert, calling the bout on American television for NBC, reported judges from the socialist countries, Hungary and the Soviet Union, surprisingly scored the bout in favor of Jones, while those from Morocco and Uruguay favored Park. The fifth judge, from Uganda, scored the bout as a draw, leaving the outcome to be decided on other criteria.