Rich Piana Age 15


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At 1:30 p. m. on August 7, 2017, Piana collapsed while receiving a haircut from Jansen at his home. He was standing at the time and hit his head when he collapsed. Jansen called the 911 emergency operator, and followed their instructions to try to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation until paramedics arrived about 10 minutes into her call. The paramedics confirmed that his heart was not beating properly. His heartbeat was eventually restored, but only after so much time had passed that brain damage had set in from lack of oxygen. After the discovery of crushed white powder along with a straw and a credit card on the table in his home, paramedics administered Narcan, a medication used to counteract a possible opiate overdose. There was later speculation about possible recreational drug use, foul play, or other unknown factors involved in his death. However, Jansen denied that cocaine, heroin, or other drugs were involved – saying he had sometimes snorted a high-caffeine pre-workout supplement and that he did not use recreational drugs. Twenty bottles of testosterone were reportedly found in his home.