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Indian travel industry analysts and tour operators were appreciative of the high standards of the Incredible India campaign. "The promo campaign is making a powerful visual impact and creating a perception of India being a magical place to visit," said Anne Morgaon Scully, President, McCabe Bremer Travel, Virginia, U. S. Average travelers too appeared to find the campaign interesting and informative, going by favourable comments on blogs on travel websites. Although Incredible India was generally well received, industry observers differed in their opinions on the positioning of India in the campaign. G. S. Murari, Director, Fidelis Advertising and Marketing Private Ltd. stated that he was uncomfortable with the tagline "Incredible India" and was of the opinion that since India was not a uni-dimensional country like Singapore or the Maldives, using a word like 'incredible' to describe India as a whole was not appropriate. In 2011, Arjun Sharma, Managing Director, Le Passage to India, stated that the campaign had lived its life and needed to be reinvented. The Ministry of Tourism again engaged Ogilvy & Mather for a period of three years, starting in 2012, to redefine the brand and provide a strategic vision for the campaign.