Hanna Marin Season 4 Episode 16


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Before Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, Hanna is shown as a shiny girl with an eating disorder. She is best friends with Alison DiLaurentis along with Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields. Like the other girls, Hanna and Alison had a secret between them: Alison witnessed Hanna purging with a toothbrush in order to thrill herself when she realizes she's overweight. During the night of the last of 7th grade, while having a sleepover in Spencer's sister Melissa's barn, Alison disappeared. Years later, in the 9th grade, Hanna tried out for cheerleading, but didn't make it, since the cheerleaders considered her too fat and not pretty enough to be in the squad. Hanna and Mona Vanderwaal, a girl that Hanna and her friends used to make fun of for being dorky, decided to become skinny and pretty before the next year's cheerleading tryouts. They bonded and became pretty and popular, eventually deciding that cheerleading wasn't even cool enough to try out for. Hanna took over Alison's spot as the most popular after her disappearance. Within that time, Hanna and Mona also became shoplifters.