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Gru takes the girls home and finds a heartbroken Margo as Antonio has chosen another girl to dance with other than her; Gru freezes him on the way out. Lucy later arrives at the party right after Gru leaves, but El Macho captures Lucy after Pollito, El Macho's pet chicken, retrieves her AVL ID badge from her purse. Nefario rejoins Gru and tells him that Lucy has been captured, Gru goes back to his fortress with two of his own minions. Meanwhile, back at Gru's house, the minion that El Macho released finds his home and attacks the girls, but Nefario comes to their rescue as he had created an antidote to the serum and pours it in their jelly reserves. Gru arrives at El Macho's fortress with two disguised minions covered with purple paint pretending to be captured, but their cover is blown and the purple minions attack and corner them. Luckily, Nefario, the girls, and the rest of Gru's minions arrive with the antidote on Gru's aircraft and return all the Minions to their normal state. El Macho then applies the mutagen on himself and turns into a monster, but Gru and Nefario defeat him using Lucy's lipstick taser and a fart gun respectively.