Brian Littrell Family 2019


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Growing up, Littrell loved sports and was extremely skilled at gymnastics, which was shown in Everybody (Backstreet's Back). He played in both Little League and the Babe Ruth League. He comes from a very protective, religious family, his religion is Baptist . He first started singing in the choir of Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington at a young age, where he sang his first solo at age 7, did some solos for Christmas or Easter when he was 10, and was voted President of the Youth Chorus by his peers one year. He sang a song for a Christmas album when he was only 8 years old and later sang in his high school choir and was selected in the State Chorus lineups for 2 successive years. His choir teacher, Barry Turner, in 7th grade advised him that he could make money from singing at weddings and other events, which is what he did by the time he was 16. Brian also did school plays and was a part of the school production of Grease as Roger at Tates Creek High School. Initially that fame didn't impress his school friends. In the classroom, he was just another one of the guys. But this positive reinforcement changed in his junior year of high school, when his talent was finally recognized when he sang a duet of a spiritual song called 'Another Time, Another Place' with his first girlfriend in a Tates Creek High School talent show. His performance made his classmates - and Brian himself - realize the extent of his natural talent. Brian's vocals singing his part caused the female members of the crowd to scream and cheer so much that he couldn't hear himself. That experience, he says, was a total rush and left him craving more.