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Bill Nye the Science Guy ran from 1993 to 1998, becoming one of the most-watched educational TV shows in the United States. While portraying "The Science Guy", Nye wore a powder blue lab coat and a bow tie. Nye Labs, the production offices and set where the show was shot, was located in a converted clothing warehouse near Seattle's Kingdome. Each episode of the program strived to educate younger viewers on various science concepts, yet it also attracted a significant adult audience as well. The show's ability to make science entertaining and accessible made it a popular teaching tool in classrooms across the country. With its quirky humor and rapid-fire MTV-style pacing, the show won critical acclaim and was nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, winning nineteen. Subsequent research studies found the program to be effective in teaching students science: those that viewed Bill Nye regularly were better able to generate explanations and extensions of scientific ideas than non-viewers.