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The release was originally expected for January 2016, but the album's completion was delayed for various reasons. Kitty has mentioned working with an unnamed producer, and having to discard the songs they made together when their professional relationship broke down. In December 2015, Kitty stated that the album was "taking longer than expected"; citing illness and perfectionism as reasons. Much of the album was scrapped and rewritten because, according to Kitty, "I didn't like [the songs] and wanted to be able to be 100% proud of my work. " On January 9, 2016, Kitty revealed that her suitcase had been stolen from LAX. She lost notebooks containing 2–3 years worth of lyrics, including lyrics for the album which she "was entirely proud of and intended on using"; and an external hard drive holding the first draft of the album. Kitty spent time in 2016 focusing on her mental health before restarting work on the album for the third time On April 1, 2017, Kitty announced that the album was complete.